What time does the Sun Set?

A precarious question that does not have one single answer. Sunset is defined as the visual of the sun slipping below the visual horizon, due to the Earth’s rotation. When the outer most edge of the suns disk disappears. As the earth rotates on its axis, which is tilted, the sunset is staggered across the […]

How old is the sun?

Science & Technology The Sun is often declared as the most essential source of light and life for the entire world. Without it life would not exist nor would all inhabitants of the world survive from cold and darkness. The Sun’s impact on human civilization is undeniable and already there were ancient cultures or groups […]

When The Sun goes down

Each day, from the time the sun comes up, is racing towards darkness. The sun always seems to set quicker than we thought. We still have things to do. We still need to work and move. But what is really happening when the sun sets? The earth revolves around the sun, but more importantly, the […]

How Far Away Is the Sun?

Since a very early age, all people develop this thing in themselves i.e. curiosity. We want to know about everything and how is it created. Genius or not, every kid gets fascinated to the wonder that is the universe. The stars, the moon, the planets and “The Sun”, it seems very amazing that once there […]

How hot Is the Sun?

The Sun The Sun is in the focal point of our close planetary system and is a solid circle of gas that produces vitality and light. The sun is amazingly hot – however, the correct temperature of the sun changes a considerable measure in a wide range of ways, and relies upon which part of […]