How Far Away Is the Sun?

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Since a very early age, all people develop this thing in themselves i.e. curiosity. We want to know about everything and how is it created. Genius or not, every kid gets fascinated to the wonder that is the universe. The stars, the moon, the planets and “The Sun”, it seems very amazing that once there was nothing and then after millions of years, here we are. The sun is our basic yet the most fundamental source of energy. It drives the weather, seasons, ocean currents, climate and what not. It is the very reason that there is life on the Earth or on the other planets (if there is any).

There are so many questions that arise on a person’s mind like how is sun created, how long has it been in the universe and why everything revolves around it. But, the most basic question which everyone who is fascinated with the universe needs an answer to is:

How far away is the Sun?

How far away is the Sun

For a very long time, every kid had struggled a lot to get these answers and naturally encyclopedias become their favorite.

However, gone are those days when kids or adults used to get indulged in the books to find answers to the questions that are there in their mind. With the prevalence of the Internet, everything has gotten a little easier as now all you have to do is to type it over Google and read it. So, let us find out what scientists have estimated about the distance of the sun.

How Distant Is Sun and How Was It Measured?

How Distant Is Sun and How Was It Measured

The sun is at the center of our solar system and all the planets and our lives revolve around it. It had been estimated that the sun is nearly 150 million kilometers, which is approximately 93 million miles, away from our planet. It seems a little strange as when we see the sun every morning, we do not seem to realize that it is not as close as we had thought.

However, it is a relief that it is so distant, as the summers are not less hot already. The distance from the sun to Earth is measured in the astronomical unit (AU). It has been said that this distance (AU) had been calculated in accordance with the speed of the light or in other words, this distance is calculated according to the time a photon of light from the sun takes to travel to Earth.

The light on the sun takes approximately 8 minutes and 19 seconds to get to the Earth. Size of the Sun and Its RadiusThe distance from the center to the outer surface of the sun or its radius is 432,000 miles i.e. 700,000 kilometers. If we put it mathematically in accordance with the radius of Earth, the radius of the sun is 109 times the size of that of Earth’s radius.

There is no doubt in the fact that the sun is a huge star of our solar system but it is as massive too. The sun holds 99.8% of the mass in our solar system. The sun is pretty much the reason for our survival. It is the key participant of all the processes that are required to build a life on the planet. With every sunrise and sunset, the sun had played its role in the solar system quite effectively.

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